Neuromythologie – Eine Streitschrift gegen die Deutungsmacht der Hirnforschung

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Eine Streitschrift gegen die Deutungsmacht der Hirnforschung
Everyone is doing brain research. Few scientific disciplines can resist the compulsory modernization and ennobling aura of perceived experimental confirmability intended by use of the prefix `neuro’. The offspring of this neuroinflation are known as neurotheology, neuroeconomics, neurolaw, and neuroaesthetics. The present neurohype is leading to a pervasion of explanatory models from brain science in our environment. Am I my brain? Simply a living automaton? Felix Hasler’s astute essay is a polemic against the rampant biological reductionism and the exaggerated interpretation of neuroscience data: a plea for neuroskepticism instead of neurospeculation.
Felix Hasler (Dr. pharm.) ist Forschungsassistent an der Berlin School of Mind and Brain der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin und Wissenschaftsjournalist.
Autor:Hasler, Felix
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